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"Roy Dupree"  Co-Star

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Chris as Jumpy Jerry
in ABC's
Person of Interest

In the works...

Currently, Chris is developing a solo show based on his life. It journey's through his life as a kid with a colorful Italian family and how that directed him into the entertainment business, only to be thrown some curve balls by the universe. Full of life, passion and humor, this touching piece, highlights who Chris is and what his most important role in life will be......

A little about me....

Chris is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Woodside, Queens. He is an actor, writer, director and teaches at The Deena Levy Theatre Studio mentoring young actors how to ignite their own unique creative spirit. 

His work has been described as detailed and nuanced, rich with character, soul and personality. He is a distinct blend of Old School and New School with a modern twist of street savvy-ness and sophistication. He creates characters that can be your best friend or your worst enemy and he's not afraid to get gritty and take risks. Chris is a born collaborator who loves the process of bringing a character to life from the written page to the stage and screen.

When not busy on a film or stage production, Chris spends his time with his son playing music, fishing and cooking some delicious meals. IG: @dinnerswithmydad


Moments Captured from TV/FILM/PRINT:

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